Sunlight readable


Unlike a normal TV, even in the brightest, sunniest places, you can still enjoy the same crystal clear TV viewing experience. Platinum Outdoor TV uses Military Grade high brightness LED backlit Liquid Crystal Display and unique anti-dazzle design. More than that, Platinum Outdoor TV has many other anti-water, anti-snow, anti-sun exposure features. The TV also works well under different temperatures, has wider views, and an anti-theft design.



Automatic brightness adjustment


Platinum Outdoor TV has an automatic brightness adjustment system. It can adjust brightness of the LCD according to light condition of the surroundings. For example, in the sunlight, the brightness will be high to ensure the TV is clearly readable. At night, the brightness will get down automatically. Customers can have a wonderful TV viewing experience, and it is also energy saving.



Low power consumption, wide operating temperature


Platinum Outdoor TV has unique high temperature dissipation system and low temperature heating system, which makes it suitable for different weather all over the world. The operating temperature of Platinum Outdoor TV is -35C ~ 60C.



IP65 Waterproof


Platinum Outdoor TV is designed for outdoor environments, where normal TVs typically don’t work, such as a garden or backyard, the outside of a restaurant or pub, or an outdoor public area. Platinum Outdoor TV has been manufactured in accordance with international waterproof and dustproof standards, which guarantees it all weather proof.



Workable with home automation systems


Platinum Outdoor TV is workable with home automation systems via RS232. It supports remote control, background operation, and etc.



4 in 1 Universal remote control


Platinum Outdoor TV has a 4 in 1 universal remote control. The remote control is also IP68 waterproof, with external smart controller, it can realize smart control when there is a wall in the middle or several devices are connected to the TV.



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