Unique Mirror Technology
Platinum Mirror TV uses museum quality ultra clear glasses. It fits your space perfectly with our unique Mirror Technology. The standard colors include Pearl White, Crystal Black, Silver Mirror, and Champagne Gold. The max mirror size can be 3200mm x 2200mm.







Bespoke backlight pattern

Platinum can customize backlight pattern for the mirrors to meet your individual needs and make your bathroom brighter. Adding a LED light to your Mirror TV is one of the green technologies that Platinum has been pursuing. With the LED lights, people can use their mirrors in the bathroom without flipping on a light switch.(Learn More)






Luxury handmade mirror frame

Platinum Mirror TV has hundreds of wood and metal mirror frames to meet your personalized requirements on all kinds of interior design. No matter what style you prefer, contemporary, classic or avant-garde style, you can find the perfect mirror frame to accommodate your space. With the luxury handmade top quality mirror frames, Platinum Mirror TV will exceed your highest expectations. (Learn More)






Workable with home automation systems

Platinum Mirror TV is workable with home automation systems. It supports Interaction Control, such as remote control, video call, background operation, and etc.








4 in 1 Universal remote control

Platinum Mirror TV has a 4 in 1 universal remote control. The remote control is also IP68 waterproof, with external smart controller, it can realize smart control when there is a wall in the middle or several devices are connected to the TV.



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