Platinum Mirror TV brings you into the luxury visual world

Every time, the innovation of technology will bring new excitement to us. Just like the Platinum Mirror TV, It has become the new excitement in fashion, because of the reliable quality and elegant design. It makes your bathroom more comfortable and fun, while you are enjoying the HD TV programs as well as taking a bath


The Platinum Mirror TV is the perfect hybrid of mirror and LCD television, as well as many advanced technology in the world. The TV reaches IP67 waterproof rating, which makes it work well in the humid environments and get rid of the damage by water. Not only is the TV, the remote control is also highly waterproof. The mirror surface has been processed to be fog-free, which makes the viewing flawless. Regarding to the sound effects, The Platinum Mirror TV is equipped with built in speakers and ceiling speaker. It is as comfortable to enjoy the high definition movies in your bathroom as in a movie theater.


As we all know, LED is the best choice for eco-friendly illuminant at present. So it will be a pleasant addition to the Platinum Mirror TV products. Except that, we also can custom make the TV size from 10 inch up to 82 inch. Every Platinum Mirror TV is unique and a great work of art, with our excellent customization capability.


Additionally, the Platinum Mirror TV can be the most amazing appearance showing to you. It makes the installation very convenient with the slim and delicate body. It hardly takes extra space in your room. It is much more eye catching than the bathroom mirror you used before.


Platinum is focusing on the high-end Smart Hotel and Home Multimedia products. We look forward to the cooperation with you, to create the most modern life for our people.



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