New Luxury by watching TV in your bathtub

You would be eager for a hot bath after a long hard day. Have you ever dreamed of watching Television while you are taking the bath?

It has been already not a dream. The Platinum Waterproof Mirror TV is perfectly suited in the bathroom area. It makes you enjoy the hot bath and watch TV shows at the same time.

The Platinum Waterproof Mirror TV comes from Hong Kong, and lasts the European royalty design styles. It is like the Ross-Royce in the car industry, by rolling the Hi-tech and art into one. The Platinum Waterproof Mirror TV is the perfect hybrid between the advanced mirror glass process, waterproof and anti-fog technologies. It guarantees you will never need to worry about the TV get hurt in the steamy environments. The Mirror finish design not only allows you watching the HD programs, also makes you enjoy the reflection of yourself in the mirror. The Platinum Waterproof Mirror TV has become the necessity for the luxury hotels in Europe, Middle East and North America nowadays.

The Platinum Waterproof Mirror TV also comes with excellent custom-made service, which will make the TV perfectly integrated into the deco of your space. Such as the Platinum backlight Mirror TV series, integrated with LED technology, well custom-made for luxury hotels and high-end residential, also is the best selling in the Platinum product lines. The Platinum Framed Mirror TV series are equipped with all kinds of frames to match different deco styles.

The Platinum Waterproof Mirror TV will make your life more colorful if you really enjoy life, and it will be no doubt to become your new life style for enjoyment.

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