Platinum Outdoor TV brings a cool summer

People love being outdoors when the summer is coming. The Platinum Outdoor TV will bring us a cool summer.


People crowd to the bars in the cool evening to release their hard day. Sitting on the stool in the cool wind, chatting freely with friends, with the Platinum Outdoor TV playing football or the popular movies, they look relaxed and comfortable.


“Watching TV is kind of rest, you don’t have to watch it indoors anymore.” Frank said, “It is much more fun Watching TV like this.” Frank loves to hang out in the bar. He is also planning to install such an Outdoor TV at his balcony.


In our mind, the TV should be staying in the living room, because a normal TV can’t resist the outdoor environments. But the Platinum Outdoor TV has made us changing our mind. It is perfectly suited in the outdoor all weathers.


The Platinum Outdoor TV is made by Platinum Vision Technologies Co., Ltd in China. The Platinum Outdoor TV is designed with high brightness and sunlight readable, waterproof and dustproof, and it can be easily installed anywhere outdoors. With the anti-theft wall mount bracket, you don’t need to worry the TV being stolen outside.


The Platinum Outdoor TV has been fully tested after production in the factory, to make sure it is 100% safe and reliable in the worst weathers and qualified for the HD Audio Video requirements. The Platinum Outdoor TV has pretty remarkable performance even in the strong sunlight. “We have considered the outdoor sunlight factors, so the Anti-Glare tempered glass has been adopted for our Outdoor TV to reduce the sunlight reflection on the front panel. It can essentially protect our eyes from the sunlight reflections.” The company claimed.


At present, the Platinum Outdoor TV can be seen at lots of bars all over the world. It comes aside people in the summer evening and also releases its enthusiasm extremely.


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